I went to see 'Young Frankenstein' on Broadway last night. The 8 pm showing. I will say that it is amazing, and well worth any money you spend on tickets. The sets are grand and beautiful, the lighting is amazing and there's a lot more dance than you usually see in a musical done. I had a really good time. Megan's part isn't so big in act one but in act two she's wonderful.

However, if you want to meet her or even see her up close I wouldn't count on it. Last night I was highly disappointed in her. In her defense however I will say that they did do two shows yesterday, one at 2 pm and the one I went to at 8 and it was Halloween so maybe she wanted to go home and was tired but it was still severely sad to see what happened.

After a standing ovation, Ms. Mullally slipped out a side door on the stage entrance side of the building to avoid about 30 or so of her fans who were waiting outside to meet her, maybe get pictures and autographs. We waited for her in the cold for over an hour until we were told no one was left in the building and where she and Roger Bart had both left the building without being seen. Two kids in front of me were high school kids from New Jersey who had school in the morning and didn't leave til I did, *about midnight-ish*, and one guy even had a dozen pink roses he had bought to give to her. Standing behind me were two guys from Florida who had picked this musical specifically to come see her, as they were not a fan of Mel Brooks' and wanted to see her up close. I had brought a cover of her 'Big as a Berry' cd to have signed and just wanted to tell her how much her performances mean to me. And how talented and beautiful I think she is. And instead I went home disappointed in someone I had considered a hero. I realize she is just a human being like all the rest of us, but I think what she did to her fans last night was very, very shitty. :-(
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Just Joined With A Request!

Hi - I just joined this community and love all your creations!  I'm a big Megan fan myself.

I do have a request - after having searched this community and not finding one, I'm wondering if any of you out there have created (or can create) an icon with Megan as Karen Walker when she's talking to Smitty the Bartender, with the caption "Smitty, what's it all about?" or something along those lines?  Those episodes where she's interacting with Smitty to me are some of the funniest!